France Jobin is a sound installation artist, composer and curator residing in Montréal, Canada. Her audio art can be qualified as sound-sculpture, revealing a minimalist approach to complex sound environments where analog and digital intersect. 

Jobin has created solo recordings for Editions Mego (AT), No-ware (CL-DE), Silent Records (USA), popmuzik records (JP), bake/staalplaat (NL), ROOM40 (AU), nvo (AT), DER (US), ATAK (JP), murmur records (JP), Baskaru (FR) and the prestigious LINE label (US).

She has participated in numerous music and new technology festivals such as Mutek (Montréal), Festival Novas Frequencies (Rio, Brazil), Prectxe (South Korea), Interference (Austin), EMPAC (US), Club Transmediale (Berlin), the surface tension tour (Japan) and the Symétrie tour (Japan).

She was a finalist at the Sonic Arts Awards 2014 (IT) in the Sonic Research category.  In January 2013, the Conseil Québécois de la Musique (CQM) awarded her the prestigious Opus Prize for Concert of the Year  for her concert at AKOUSMA 8.

Since 2009, her work has focussed upon quantum mechanics. Many of her projects are inspired by theories related to subjectssuch as vacuum decay, string theory and more recently, what she feels to be the most perplexing phenomenon in the world of the quantum, entanglement, resulting in a first presentation, Entanglement A/V, with visual artist Markus Heckmann at Mutek Montréal 2021.