"Multifaceted and thought-provoking… a fascinating festival."

Thu 31 October - Sun 10 November

Sonica Glasgow 2019

Returning for its fifth edition, Cryptic’s award-winning festival, Sonica brings a pioneering programme of world-class visual sonic arts across the city this autumn. 2019 showcases more Scottish talent than ever before, as well as including a host of exceptional international artists from Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Catalonia, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Quebec, Slovenia and Sweden. 

Financial Times

"Sonica makes it something of a mission to place image and sound on an equal footing."

Max Cooper & Architecture Social Club


Musician, producer and scientist Max Cooper, in collaboration with design collective Architecture Social Club, open Sonica with a one-off immersive audiovisual work,  Aether. For one night only, Tramway will be hung with thousands of dangling threads pulsing and glimmering with moving points of light. They form a glowing, constantly shifting three-dimensional matrix that responds in real time as Cooper’s mesmerising electronic soundtrack builds to a thrilling crescendo. Viewers can move around beneath the lattice of hanging lights to view the patterns from every angle as they form one moment a surreal swirling vortex, the next a series of interlocking geometric grids or a hail of heavenly meteorites. 

Vice on Aether




Sonica, produced by Cryptic, is an 11 day biennial festival in Glasgow, dedicated to world class visual sonic arts, presenting exceptional international artists alongside emerging UK talent in diverse venues city-wide. 

The Quietus

“As a festival it’s simply too multifarious to be fall under simple classifications of art and music.”

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