Image of Sonica 2013 Voice


“Anyone who has seen or heard Ratkje perform live will know what a superb musician she is, and one who can genuinely be said to be extending the expressive range of the voice through technical and technological means…. Her work is celebratory and inclusive.”
The Wire

Voice [UK Premiere]


Sonica welcomes award winning Norwegian composer and sound sculptress Maja S K Ratkje. She collaborates with multimedia visual architect HC Gilje to create a stunning audio-visual performance for voice.

The echoing beauty of whistles, growls, clicks and whisper-to-scream exhalations is accompanied by electronics and LED screens in a unique performance.

Norwegian artist Maja S K Ratkje and light designer HC Gilje were first seen in 2012 at Kontraste Festival in Minoretenkirchein Krems, Austria.

Ratkje is a composer and performer from Trondheim, Norway, and has collaborated with orchestras, chamber musicians and artists from other arts across the world for almost two decades. She has received awards for her compositions as well as performing abilities including the Norwegian Arne Nordheim prize – the first ever for a composer to receive.

Gilje works with installations, live performance, set design and single channel video. He has presented his work through different channels throughout the world: in concert-venues, theatres and cinemas, galleries, festivals, outdoors and through several international DVD releases, including 242.pilots live in Bruxelles on New York label Carpark and Cityscapes on Paris-label Lowave.

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