Image of Sonica 2013 The Escapement

The Escapement

“Simultaneously gothic and modern, romantic and grotesque… utterly absorbing art work.”
Sunday Herald

The Escapement [Cryptic Commission for Sonica 2013]

United Kingdom

Following the success of Tales of Magical Realism part I and II, The Escapement is the third and final part of the Trilogy. Inspired by Cryptic Associate Sven Werner’s film Oculista and featuring music by Graeme Miller, Werner will use his unique techniques to explore the flow of time and invite the audience to enter his worlds of magical realisms.

The Escapement is the part of a clock movement which tames the forward hurtling time and dissects it into two parallel worlds.

One world transforms audience members into voyeurs of dreams, witnessing people’s intimate thoughts and desires in an experience reminiscent of Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire.

The other world leads even further, requiring the audience to climb down the partitions of time and settle in the poetry of its very pulse.

Sven’s aim as an artist is to introduce poetic worlds to people, with the intention of bringing them closer to the poetry within their own lives. His background as a filmmaker influences his work significantly. The immersive installations that Sven is currently creating are composed like film scenes that, instead of being limited to the screen by the camera lens, allow interaction from the audience.

He enjoys using miniature models, both in his film and installation work, hoping to provide the atmospheric intensity necessary for the audience to fully enter his envisioned worlds of magic. Sven aims to provide the minimum amount of stimulus required for an illusion to work and leaves dark corners for the imagination to fill, allowing the observer to make each journey personal.

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