Image of Sonica 2013 Suspense

Secret Sonica – Suspense

The venue now REVEALED
100 Borron Street, Unit 18, Port Dundas Business Park, G4 9XG

Suspense – an audio-visual experience that will test the depths of perception and limits of sonic reverberation. Audience members will be transported to a vast undisclosed space that will be transformed into a temporary venue to host an array of musical performances and interactive lighting installations.

Visual artist Jack Wrigley and London-based Kite & Laslett will be installing architectural interventions accompanied by music performances from Golden Teacher and sound artist Giles Perring.

For Sonica 2013, Cryptic is delighted to invite TAKTAL to curate this event. TAKTAL is a company who work with new and challenging spaces to curate events in direct response to the architecture.

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