Roly Porter (UK) + MFO present KISTVAEN – with Anne Martin

Groundbreaking artists Roly Porter and MFO open Sonica 2022 with an awe-inspiring audio-visual performance piece. Kistvaen contrasts primordial motifs – elements and seasons, sun and moon, gods and magic – with those of 21st century life to explore how our pagan roots and technology-driven present are inextricably interwoven. The performance takes its name from the simple Neolithic granite tomb called a kistvaen, frequently found scattered across the moorlands of the English southwest. tickets

Roly Porter is well known for his releases on Subtext and Tri Angle, and was one half of legendary dubstep duo Vex’d. His music blurs the boundaries between field recording, folk instrumentation and digital sound processing. As MFO, Marcel Weber is widely recognised for his A/V collaborations with artists such as Ben Frost, Liz Harris (Grouper/Nivhek), Tim Hecker and Kuedo; his scenography blends subliminal stage and lighting effects with cinematic imagery to evoke timeless feelings and images from the subconscious.

For Kistvaen Porter and Weber are joined by Anne Martin, the celebrated Gaelic singer from the Isle of Skye, who brings her beautiful and powerful vocals to ritual burial songs. Together, the trio seeks to connect the primordial past with the near future in one captivating performance. 

10 & 11 March 2022 // 19.00 // £20/£10 conc.

Tickets available from Tramway: 0845 330 3501 /

Photo: Marcel Weber