Remember Me

An intimate, miniature, multi-media anti-opera in a desk, which tells the sensual story of an imagined friendship between ill-fated opera heroines, on a tiny stage with no singers.

Remember Me
creates a fragile and personal operatic world, where a small audience are invited to fully immerse themselves in a playful, pocket sized performance. Inspired by Dido and Aeneas and Orfeo and Eurydice, the work re-imagines the dramatic extravagance of the large-scale operatic production.

“an exquisitely beautiful, fragile work”
The Scotsman

SPOR 2013 Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

11 May 2013

New Directions, Lulea, Sweden

31 May & 1 June 2013

A Cryptic production by Claudia Molitor for Sonica, co-commissioned by hcmf//, supported by the PRS for Music Foundation and RVW Trust.

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