Slow Pixel

176 snails will travel to Kings Place to take centre stage in a live sonic installation like no other. French artists Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes and Cyril Leclerc conduct an immersive sensorial experiment as they harness each snail with a small diode. Slow Pixel highlights Kings Place’s theme of ‘time’ and invites the audience to slow down as the snails draw their individual trajectories through this sensory environment.

Single Origin

“We all flew and witnessed, astonished, how to travel to another dimension.” Urban Magazine (Spain)

Renowned for making stunningly expansive and intense sound worlds, Robin Fox composes a concerto for a laser beam in his new work Single Origin. The third in his series of works for laser and sound which explore possibilities of mechanically-induced synaesthesia, this new audiovisual maelstrom from Australia’s leading AV artist needs to be seen to be believed.

“Tron-like grid patterns; hypnotic cones that throbbed in phase with the audio; laser-gun beams firing salvoes at the back wall: each new mode was so tightly choreographed to Fox’s sonics that the combination of sound and visual seemed to tickle some third, underworked part of the brain.” Resident Advisor on RGB at Berlin Atonal

Lakker AV

Inspired by the chopped-up, processed sounds of the ‘90s, Lakker’s humanist, slant on techno has received play-outs by the likes of Aphex Twin and Laurent Garnier. The brainchild of Irish duo Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell, Lakker’s live AV show mixes eerily beautiful vocals, propulsive dance music and pulsating visuals to conjure up visions of glaciers, tectonic shifts and vast open spaces.

“An audio-visual showcase… a repetitive, palpitating soundtrack against collaged and stuttering footage.” Frieze (UK)


A multi-sensory headphone opera trip. Belgian mezzo-soprano Els Mondelaers and Dutch composer Dyane Donck combine their skills to create a unique performance where modern classical composition meets psychedelic pop. Silent disco-style, the audience don state-of-the-art binaural headphones to experience a unique 3D soundscape that’s both intimate and immersive – a massage for the ears!

“We were presented songs that were a mixture of Leonard Cohen’s melancholy and Laurie Anderson’s electronics, a sound that also included opera, layered harmony, live sampling, soundscapes and live footage of, for instance, a music box in binaural microphones. The shifts between the various soundscapes and genres appeared almost magical in our ears.” Seismograf (Scandinavia)

Phase Transition

Kathy Hinde’s Phase Transition is a sculptural sound installation raising awareness of global climate change, filling the space with sonic waves that ebb, flow, rise up and subside in unguessable patterns. Blocks of ice melt at rates determined by real-life climate-change data, their drips resonating in water-filled metal vessels. The dripping of meltwater blends with metallic sounds engraved on vinyl and played on customised turntables which turn faster and slower in accordance with the rate of melt, generating throbbing, fluctuating tones.

“Hinde’s work is full of intellectual heft and ecological concern without ever coming over as cold or inaccessible.” The Quietus (UK)


“Unspeakably elegant and shimmering scintillas of fractal patterns and fluid strings hovering between liquid and matter.” The Quietus (UK)

Randomness finds form in this new collaborative work from artist Solveig Settemsdal and musician Kathy Hinde. An isolated point of white light suspended in a void of darkness swells, expands and takes on ever more complex forms before collapsing in on itself and blooming once again into a completely new shape. Kathy Hinde’s music mimics this representation of a coalescing of all matter and all knowledge into a single point, grouping initially abstract sounds – from the violin and prepared toy pianos – into an increasingly organised soundtrack.

“The marriage of music and film here attained perfection in terms of both aesthetic continuity and elegance.” 5against4 (UK)

Nearer Future

“Installations like Heather Lander’s Nearer Future are the future.” The Herald (UK)

Visual artist Heather Lander and sound artist Robert Bentall collaborate in a translucent virtual reality sculpture which shows where technology has taken us – and asks us to question where we might go next. Symmetrical webs and weaves of light build into a crystalline cathedral of light as Bentall’s ambient composition Telian (played on the traditional Swedish nyckelharpa) provides a captivating soundtrack.

“restless 3D animations of alien landscapes… combined with gorgeous Reich-like nyckelharpa… surrounding the viewer with hocketing, pulsing fragments of melody, the effect is bewitching.” The Scotsman (UK)

Infinite Lives

“a psychedelic, hallucinatory atmosphere… you can leave the LSD at home.” Dagblad van het Noorden (the Netherlands)

Robots, kinetic sculptures, modified technology and real live sea monkeys populate Robbie Thomson’s new work, inspired by the farthest extent of our perceptions. Infinite Lives turns Kings Place into a science laboratory, as the weird and fascinating objects come to life with special lighting effects, video footage and an irresistible electronic beat, experimenting with the limits of our own consciousness.

“ a dense, multi-faceted work combining music, visuals, sculpture and lighting to create an astonishing, one of a kind multi-sensory journey.” The Skinny (UK)