Completely in the Present

An experimental musician and filmmaker, sound and video artist, teacher and writer, the late Tony Conrad was revered in avant-garde circles – but remains under-appreciated in the wider artistic world. This 2016 documentary tells Conrad’s story, from his underground moviemaking days in 1960s New York and his musical collaborations with Faust, Genesis P-Orridge and Lou Reed, among many others, to the appearance at the 2011 All Tomorrow’s Parties festival that brought him to the attention of a new generation of fans. As Conrad continues to be reappraised, Completely in the Present celebrates the life and work of this uniquely influential figure.

Ibiza: The Silent Movie

Ibiza has long been synonymous with hedonism and never-ending nightlife. In this unique immersive film, director Julien Temple brings something surprising and new to depictions of the party island: silence. Inspired by the silent movies of the past, Temple’s film uses minimal titles, animation, restagings and documentary footage old and new to tell the 2,000-year story of Ibiza and those who love it, from bohemians to ravers – all set to a soundtrack compiled by musical director and Ibiza veteran Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) from his own music and others’. A film phenomenon set to leave you speechless.