A ground-breaking, reactive sound installation, through which the audience attempts to unravel the truth about The Narrator’s life by playing records from his collection. The viewer plays a record, which controls a series of customised, self-playing instruments, providing a soundtrack to The Narrator’s story. Just as a real narrator alters the way they tell a story depending on their mood, audience and context, the memories embodied in the installation will distort, evolve and warp depending on external influences.

A year in the making, this project required Aidan Moffat to write 10 short stories with multiple variations of each, to be sound tracked by a total of 160 new musical compositions by FOUND. For Sonica, FOUND present a specially prepared intimate version of the installation.

#UNRAVEL was created with investment from Creative Scotland’s Vital Spark Programme and New Media Scotland’s Alt-w Fund, with support of the Centre for Design Informatics, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, SWG3 and The University of Edinburgh.