Tundra (Lakker) and XFRMR (Robbie Thomson)

LAPS: Alicia Matthews (SUE ZUKI, Organs of Love) & Cassie Ezeji (Golden Teacher)

VAJ.Power: Holly McGowan & Sofya Staune

Sonica presented a one-off club night at the Art School, featuring DJ sets, video projections from local VJs, and live shows from two of the festival’s foremost audiovisual acts.

Robbie Thompson is no stranger to the Glasgow club scene, having previously played at Optimo. In XFRMR, he harnesses the power of the Tesla coil, the 19th century invention that first made electricity visible, to fuse sound and light in an unforgettable spectacle.

Lakker’s Tundra mixes eerily beautiful vocals and electronica that conjures up glaciers, tectonic shifts and vast open spaces scoured by extreme weather. For their live show, visuals pulse and pattern in response to their propulsive, pulsating dance music.