Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (M.E.S.S.) is a newly formed organisation dedicated to the preservation of unique electronic musical instruments and to ensuring their ongoing use by individuals and community groups. The organisation is passionate about electronic sound and electronic music from the avant garde through to obscure production music. The two founding directors are audio-visual artist and composer Robin Fox, and composer and sound designer Byron Scullin.

Sonica 2015 marks the premiere of M.E.S.S. Live where samples recorded at the studio in Melbourne on some of the rarest synthesizers in the world are organised and performed as one 50 minute set.

The machines used range from one of only three existing EMS VCS1 synths (and the only functioning one) anywhere in the world, a Transaudio Pro Case 6 – never heard of it? There are only two of them and they were made in Melbourne in 1976 – amongst a host of classics from Buchla and Roland to Moog and, of course, the classic 808 drum machine.