Journey into the unknown with a new work from Glasgow-based Polish singer and composer Ela Orleans. Set to soaring music that recalls the Cocteau Twins and classic science-fiction movie soundtracks, footage of the 1969 Apollo moon mission is repurposed to retell the narrative of Night Thoughts, a nine-poem cycle written by Edward Young in the 1740s. Orleans’ Night Voyager marries the footage of fearful but optimistic astronauts captured in the archive material with Young’s meditation on death – and speaks, too, of the possibility of cultural forgetting, as in Young’s poem, now scarcely remembered but called in its time ‘the grandest and richest poetry that human genius has ever produced’ 

“Her singing voice was suitably unearthly… resonating spookily over a bed of analogue synthesizer, funereal organ, glitchy disturbance and even a spot of bassy funkiness.” The Scotsman

Composer, director & performer: Ela Orleans
Director & producer: Stuart MacLean
Archive Producer & NASA archive: Stephen Slater
Executive Producer: Guy Maddin

A Cryptic Commission

Image: Ela Orleans & NASA archive