As Lo Kindre, the Glasgow-based, Irish-born musician Daniel Magee (winner of the 2018 SAMAs Electronic Music Award) makes dubby, cavernous music with an almost palpable sense of space to it, from its deep throbbing basslines and metronomic drum machine beats to its smears of echoing noise. In this one-off collaboration, Lo Kindre will push even further into experimentation and abstraction, while live visuals are provided by Alba G. Corral, whose organic projections, bristling with radiant colour and intricate geometry generated in part from drawings she makes live, form a thrilling counterpart to the hyponotic motorik groove of Magee’s music.

Part of a Live Double Bill with Shoeg

Developed at a Cryptic Cove Park Residency

Supported by: Institut Ramon Llull & the Hugh Fraser Foundation