The Barcelona-based sound artists cabosanroque play tribute to the great Catalan writer Joan Brossa in this kinetic response to his poetry and prose works. Drawing on Brossa’s notion of a ‘performative machine’, cabosanroque have assembled something part model landscape, part vast jerry-rigged steampunk invention. Analogue machinery – a heap of typewriters, a thicket of steel tape-measures – and household objects are turned into instruments producing a thunderous percussive soundtrack, as if the miniaturised landscape is undergoing an industrial revolution. White light blazes up through the jiggling, rattling instruments; a paper structure like a cloud inflates and glows with inner light. This machine’s purpose may remain ambiguous, but its effect is powerful and unforgettable.

“One of the most important Catalan music creators.” Kulturprojekt Berlin

Commissioned by: Temporada Alta Festival & TNC (National Theatre of Catalonia)

Co-produced by: cabosanroque, TNC (National Theatre of Catalonia), Temporada Alta Festival, La Institució de les Lletres Catalanes & Lluís Coromina Foundation

Supported by: Institut Ramon Llull, Joan Brossa Foundation, ICEC & Eufònic Festival