Inspired by the writing of William Gibson, ‘the father of cyberpunk’, whose dystopian novels of the 1980s and 1990s (including Neuromancer and All Tomorrow’s Parties) now seem like documents that have both predicted and informed our present day, Czech studio, The Macula, present an audiovisual journey through cyberspace. An ominous drone grows as the viewer is sent on a twisting, turning 360° trip through kaleidoscopic virtual space, where just as patterns seem to become identifiable, they shift and warp once more: clouds of particles give way to infinitely complex geometrics, mysterious mechanisms and star-filled spaces.

Presented as part of a Full Dome Triple Bill with Maotik’s OMNIS & Johnny Knox’s Remote Sense

Concept: Jan Sima
Visual artists: Jan Sima, Amar Mulabegovic, Petr Foltera
Music & Sound FX: Ondrej Skala
Producer: Martin Posta
Executive Producer: Lenka Jiroutova

Part of the Czech Season in Scotland, supported by: Czech Cultural Centre, London