A new audiovisual work from Paris-based electronic musician Alex Augier and Alba G. Corral, the Barcelona-based visual artist and coder, ex(O) explores ideas of transmission and broadcast. The audience surrounds a circular screen within which the artists work in silent, shadowy collaboration. As Augier’s electronica surges and sears, Corral’s floods of spiky, brilliantly colourful geometric shapes fill the screen: bringing to mind microbial organisms under magnification or geopolitics seen on timelapse, they chase, battle, overrun and devour one another around its 360 degrees in a ceaseless frenzy of vivid action. 

Part of a Live Double Bill with Jorge Crowe

Concept: Alex Augier
Music production & live music performance: Alex Augier
Visual production & live visual performance: Alba G. Corral

Co-production: Arcadi, L.E.V
Executive production: La Muse en Circuit
Creation: L.E.V 2019, Gijon

Supported by: Institut Ramon Llull, The Alliance Française de Glasgow & Institut français d’Écosse

Image: Elena de la Puente