Below the covering of Sphagnum moss on the Flow Country lie layers upon layers of compacted vegetation, slowly being converted into peat, locking in carbon. Heather Lander’s Do Not Disturb || The Permanence of Fragility takes inspiration from this secret, silent process and brings it into the daylight. Three cubes, made up of stacks of painted Perspex, reveal the structure of the moss in painterly 3-D cross-sections. The cubes’ modular construction highlights the complexity and fragility of the blanket bog landscape, and invites us to consider the strata and processes occurring beneath an apparently inert surface.

Part of Art & Nature at Sonica, a series of compelling works inspired by the Scottish landscape – and showing it as you’ve never seen it before

A Cryptic Commission in association with Cove Park

Originally presented at Cryptic’s Below the Blanket, part of The Peatlands Partnership’s Flows to the Future Project (with RSPB Scotland as lead partner) and supported by: The Hugh Fraser Foundation

Images: Neil Jarvie