Compositions for Involuntary Strings

Sonica 2013

Are the musicians in the ensemble playing – or being played?

Sonica 2013 Artist in Residence, Michaela Davies wires herself and her players to an electronic muscle stimulation system which triggers strange, paroxysmal movements via electrical impulses. She creates compositions which define the minute muscle movements involved in performing pieces of music and transmits this data back to her players via MIDI. For this concert she presents one purely involuntary composition and two co-composed works (with Jim Sclavunos and Kyle Sanna) which also include voluntary players.

Davies maintains a multi-disciplinary art practice across installation, sculpture, sound, performance and video. Also a doctor of psychology, her work is informed by an interest in the role of psychological and physical agency in creative processes, and how obstruction can change the trajectory of development.

Supported by: Australia Council for the Arts