The Pilbara is one of Australia’s sparsest, most remote outback territories. The native peoples lived the same way of life for a thousand years – until they were confronted with the invasion of Western science and technology. Lynette Wallworth’s Collisions explores the impact of this meeting of vastly different cultures, through the story of indigenous elder Nyarri Nyarri Morgan and his encounter in the 1950s with nuclear technology. 360° filming and immersive sound allows viewers to take a virtual journey to the most remote outback, 1500 miles from the nearest city, and hear Morgan’s story.

At the 38th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards, Collisions received an Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches: Documentary.

Director: Lynette Wallworth
Featuring: Nyarri Nyarri Morgan & Curtis Taylor
Narration / storytelling:
Lynette Wallworth & Curtis Taylor
Executive producers: Diana Barrett, Sandy Herz, Gigi Pritzker & Cori Shepherd Stern
Producers: Nicole Newnham & Lynette Wallworth
Director of photography: Patrick Meegan
Editor: Karryn de Cinque
Virtual Reality production partner: Jaunt VR
Jaunt VR producer & VFX supervisor: Patrick Meegan
Associate producers: Nola Taylor & Gabrielle Sullivan
Line producer: Belinda Mravicic
Sound recordist: Liam Egan
Sound design: Tom Myers & Skywalker Sound
Visual effects: WhiskeyTree, Jossie Malis & Alex Cherney
Post production producer: Grace Raso
Colour grade: MPC / Technicolor

Supported by: Australia Council for the Arts; ADL Film Fest; Ford Foundation (JustFilms); The Fledgling Fund; Jaunt Studios; Pritzker Foundation & Sundance Institute