It was said that the rooms in the Bluebeard legend mirrored the workings of man’s psyche and that the relentless quest by the female protagonist to enter these rooms, regardless of the consequences, represented women’s pursuit of truth.

In Collective 33 1/3’s production the conventions of classical theatre are shifted, transforming the male protagonist into a virtual circumstance. And the female protagonist, of the same virtual making, leads the audience through the several doorways enabling a sense of what is happening behind ‘closed doors’. The resultant atmosphere is that of experiencing the inside of the chambers whilst witnessing a fatal destiny.

In collaboration with ten musicians the score was written by improvising on these visual themes. Additionally a soundscape was created by Michael de Roo.

Collective 33 1/3 is a collaboration between artists Douwe Dijkstra, Jules van Hulst and Coen Huisman.  The collective create images, atmospheres and theatrical scenes to  develop multimedia environments. Their acclaimed production of Bluebeard premiered at Voi-Z Festival (Zwolle, Netherlands) in 2011 and recently enjoyed critical success at Operadagen 2012 (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

Supported by: the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands