Karl van Welden presents a glimpse of some almost unthinkable future, condensed into a single object. A single record, Carl Reinecke’s plaintive Elegie, plays on a turntable encased in glass, while a fine trickle of ash – like the detritus of disaster, or the harbinger of a great collapse – falls steadily down on the vinyl. Over the course of playback, the buildup of dust first gently then more insistently interferes with the music, until the quantity is so great it overwhelms the record-player’s needle and the turntable falls silent. Ostensibly simple, A Fall asks deep questions about decay, fate and our sense of purpose.

For fans of: William Basinski

Produced by: wpZimmer
Co-produced by: Kaaitheater, Vooruit & Workspace Brussels

Supported by: Hotel Pro Forma