Littoral, Kathy Hinde, Myriam Boucher, Ad Astra II, Annabelle Playe, Sonia Killmann

Littoral | Kathy Hinde & Myriam Boucher [TICKETS]


With every fraction of a degree by which the global climate warms, so too sea levels are climbing. The accretion of seemingly minute changes is the focus of this collaboration between two powerhouse experimental composers. Littoral – named for the span between high and low tide points on the shore – mixes live performance, light and sound with sculptural artefacts in an investigation of in between-ness and zones of transition.

LIttoral by Kathy Hinde

Littoral | Kathy Hinde & Myriam Boucher

A Cryptic MUTEK Commission, part of QC-UK Connections, supported by The Québec Government Office, London & CALQ.

Ad Astra II | Annabelle Playe & Sonia Killmann [TICKETS]

Annabelle Playe by Quentin Chevrier

Ad Astra II | Annabelle Playe & Sonia Killmann

some of [Playe’s tracks] are only 60 or 90 seconds in duration, yet they limn the surface of an alien planet as efficiently as any scanning device built by NASA – The Sound Projector (UK)

Planets collide and stars erupt in Annabelle Playe’s Ad Astra II (‘to the stars’), a semi-improvised series of musical performances inspired by vast cosmic events. Unnerving and electrifying, startling and enthralling, Ad Astra II includes both brief shocks of sound and longer, meditative movements evoking the majesty of the planets, while accompanying visuals by Sonia Killmann (Glasgow) flflare and constellate. Throughout, Ad Astra II retains a human element, reminding ourselves of our place in a constantly changing universe.

Supported by Institut Français d’Écosse & Alliance Française Glasgow


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Image (Littoral): Kathy Hinde
Image (Annabelle Playe): Quentin Chevrier