Trials at the End of Loops | Cucina Povera & Katie Shannon

Cucina Povera’s Maria Rossi (Finland/Luxembourg) layers loops of delicate sounds into shimmering webs formed as much from the absence of sound as from the notes themselves. From glittering synth arpeggios and murmuring voices to tape hiss and the particular pregnant silences of newly vacant buildings, Cucina Povera makes music from the overlooked and the under-heard. Visuals by Katie Shannon mix footage from bodycams and recorded movement to accompany Rossi’ subtle, stark effects.

Supported by TelepART Mobility Support

“Cucina Povera (Maria Rossi) uses simple yet high quality ingredients to create her beautiful, emotive compositions.” Ransom Note

“Katie Shannon spans video installations, cassette music recordings, high-vis illustrated jackets, latex clothing design – a radically creative artist…” Dazed & Confused 

Disintegrations C | Failed System Test

Based on their remotely composed 2022 album {unshift}, this semi-improvised set from Scottish duo Failed System Test (Sonia Killmann and Aidan Lochrin) uses coded visual projections whose bold geometric shapes first respond to then, in turn, guide the musicians’ improvisations, generating an audiovisual loop of cause and effect. Dubby overtones and wistful saxophone suggest a sense of memories glitching, of things that once seemed solid drifting asunder. Next Gen: is a unique showcase of the best young audiovisual artists in Scotland.

Listen to Failed System Test here


Image (Cucina Povera): Arne Schramm
Image (Failed System Test): self credit