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Gustave Moreau’s 1874/6 painting L’Apparition depicts the character of Salome, long considered a lascivious, wanton woman. In this new audiovisual work, musician Ela Orleans collages hundreds of preparatory images made by Moreau along with historical texts and glimpses of literary, artistic and dance works, sampling and remixing them into what she calls a ‘composed novel’, both celebrating and deconstructing Moreau’s work and historical narratives around Salome. The sonic accompaniment likewise distorts and transforms classical works, including Richard Strauss’s opera Salomé.

[Her] voice has a fuzzy warmth to it, crackling below layers of lo-fi hiss or languishing with a dead-eyed ennui that sounds extra unsettling against her jaunty synthesiser rhythms .” The Wire

L’Apparition - Ela Orleans

L’Apparition | Ela Orleans

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Sinti Holo - Tanya Auclair - copyright ©2014_Sophia Schorr-Kon

British-Rwandan sound artist Auclair presents the first live performance of her Auclair trios new EP Giramata. Acoustic guitar and soft sweet washes of synthesiser meet melodic, processed vocals and percussion in Auclairs narratives of desire and transformation. Visuals for the show, developed during Auclair’s Cryptic residency at Cove Park, turn movements of water and shadow into a flowing, freeform accompaniment to her music, with additional music-reactive elements provided by visual artist Sonia Killmann. 

‘a delirious reconnaissance mission into the deeper spaces of synth pop music’ Q Magazine on Auclair’s Semaphore EP

FRIDAY 11 MARCH // TRAMWAY // 21.00 // £14/£7 CONC. + TRANSACTION FEE TICKETS // RUNNING TIME: 80 MINUTES (including interval)

A Cryptic Commission, in partnership with le Générateur, supported by The William Syson Foundation

Website: elaorleans.com | auclairmusic.com
Image (Ela Orleans): Ela Orleans
Image (Auclair): Sophia Schorr-Kon