Gavin Bryars

Visual Concert with RSNO featuring Alba G Corral

One of the most influential British composers working today, Gavin Bryars joins forces with the RSNO for a spectacular performance at Sonica Glasgow 2022.

In this unique event, Bryars conducts Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet and the UK premiere of his Viola Concerto (A Hut in Toyama) with Morgan Goff on viola. The performance also features Arvo Pärt’s If Bach Had Been a Beekeeper. Tickets

In a world first, artist Alba G. Corral will respond to the music in real time. Beginning from pre-coded algorithms, Corral’s artwork will expand kaleidoscopically, generating large-scale digital landscapes inspired by Kandinsky’s theory of ‘visual music’ – fusing sound, light, movement and form.

Bryars is renowned for mixing classical, jazz and modern influences. He first became known as a professional jazz bassist and pioneer of free improvisation, working with Derek Bailey and Tony Oxley. In the late 1960s, his work with John Cage influenced his early pieces The Sinking of the Titanic and the iconic Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet. Since then, Bryars has written several chamber works performed by leading ensembles and soloists, as well as works for theatre and dance, including four full-length operas.

12 March 2022 // 19.00 // £26/£13 conc.

Tickets available at Tramway: 0845 330 3501 /

Photo: Dark Lab Media