Sites of historical spiritual significance in Scotland such as the Covesea Caves and the Munlochy Clootie Well inspired sound artist – and half of muto major – Samm Anga to create Waxen Figures, in which Scotland’s folkloric past interacts with the now. Against backdrops of deep green landscape, digital ghosts flare and vanish, performing dances that suggest obscure rituals of old – summonings, offerings, celebrations. Around these glimmering, slippery figures, Pictish symbols stream and the Gaelic language speaks out, sometimes boldly, sometimes in shredded tatters of a vanishing tongue, reminding us that what is past is never entirely gone.

Visuals – upscaled from a miniature monitor to large projections and manipulated live – are from Veronica Petukhov. Born in Italy to Ukrainian parents, Veronica moved to Scotland as a student, and now works closely with musicians to produce live and audio-reactive visuals to accompany performances.

A Cryptic Commission developed at Cove Park and Art House Jersey.