Inspired by marine biologist Rachel Carson’s classic The Sea Around Us, a book finding a new audience in the age of climate crisis, The Moving Tides is an immersive multivocal audio work themed around our relationship with our planet’s waters. SHHE’s breathy, plangent siren’s song blends with melodies on modular synthesiser, evoking the rolling of the seas. Calling to mind the prescience of Carson’s book, The Moving Tides is a call to acknowledge the ecological dilemma our planet is in, and to work together for a better future.

A Cryptic Commission 2024. Supported by Hope Scott Trust. Developed at Cove Park and ArtHouse Jersey.

Composer, musician and turntablist NikNak presents a live performance around Ireti, a new album informed by Afrofuturism and classic sci-fi. From its bleak, dystopian opening tracks, invoking such doomy visions of the future as Blade Runner, Ireti takes the listener on a journey where seeds of hope bloom and humanity ultimately emerges from darkness into a shining future, symbolised by blissful jungle and shimmering mutant trip-hop. We need not fear what’s to come, NikNak argues: the technology we’re so suspicious of could turn out to be our salvation.