The unique landscape and culture of northern Vietnam are evoked in an audiovisual collaboration between composer and musician Quốc Trung and digital artist Veronica Petukhov. The chaotic patterns of megacity traffic, densely squirming cells and spinning mandalas are overlaid on digital recreations of the vertiginously vast rice terraces which provide much of the region’s employment and income. The accompanying sonic landscape is an evocative mashup of traditional songs, literature, city sounds and local language. 

Supported by the British Council’s UK / Viet Nam Season 2023 and Season Legacy Grant.

Experimental electronic musician Ben Chatwin – who also records as Talvihorros – and visual artist Morgan Beringer present a collaborative audiovisual work, fusing retrofuturist visuals with Chatwin’s signature pulsing, techno-inflected modular synth music. In Morgan’s intricate, painterly visualisations, oceans churn and swell, throwing off smoking spray, while organic forms bloom and swirl in the waves, beings halfway to becoming, brought to teeming life by Chatwin’s soundtrack. Rippling beats, shot through with woozy brass, surge to crescendos then fall back into contemplative, dreamy strings from cellist Pete Harvey