Seen from far enough above, the edgelands where urban development meets untouched landscape and community turns to countryside form unrecognisable abstract patterns. Kyiv-based audiovisual artist and composer ujif_notfound (George Potopalsky) applies algorithmic filters to aerial footage, generating 3-D landscapes that seem to depict our own world, yet are partly, largely or completely fictitious.  The work, begun several years ago, has gained new and tragic meaning in the wake of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.  Images of maps warping and slithering, or cities glitching beneath scrolling static, now ominously suggest drone-bomb attacks or the struggle over contested territories.  Suddenly grimly topical, TER.RAIN makes us question our notions of borders, territories and jurisdictions, and what remains ‘real’ amid the disinformation of war.

Presented in partnership with Construction Festival, Ukraine.