On a scientific expedition to the South Pacific, Paul Duncombe made numerous recordings of the vital habitats of coral reefs, now under threat from oceans that are growing ever warmer. In Tapemoana: Twilight Zone, he uses this visual data – collected using photogrammetry, 3-D scanning and binocular cameras – to tell a story of our deep seas, both a poetic depiction of the surreally beautiful world below the waves and an urgent call to action. Composer Alex Smoke’s dreamy, ethereal score soundtracks this most alien world beneath the waves.

A Cryptic Commission 2024. Supported by Institut Français d ‘Ecosse and Alliance Francaise Glasgow.  Part of the British Council’s Spotlight on Culture UK-France 2024 Fund, in partnership with Station Mir, festival] interstice [18 and Normandie Impressionniste.