Known for her DJ and production work, Glasgow-based naafi has turned their hand to making music of their own. Influenced in equal parts by contemporary electronic artists and the formative dance music that would be played on the car stereo when they were young, their debut EP UVA – featuring the single Magnolia is a quartet of glimmering, pulsing, garage-inflected dancefloor fillers. Come and see one of Glasgow’s great young talents forging a thrilling new strand in their career.

In pitch darkness, organic strands and strips of light suddenly glow and flow around a structure that’s part sapling, part lectern, part crucifix. Alternately revealed and hidden in its glow is the shadowy figure of Cally Statham, aka plus44Kaligula, whose practice runs from torch songs accompanied by acoustic guitar to pulverising slabs of operatic electronica recalling The Knife at their most excitingly abrasive. Live projections warp her performance into mutant new forms.