Michael Begg’s stately video work explores some of Earth’s bleakest, most beautiful landscapes. As musician in residence aboard the Royal Navy’s Antarctic ice patrol ship HMS Protector, he made landfall on barren beaches, toured isolated island locations, and visited remote scientific stations where the melting of polar ice is tracked minute by minute – and everywhere he found ice in retreat and water unnervingly warm. Begg’s work is an elegy for what we are close to losing forever. Ice still looms over all these vistas – but for how much longer? 

Isa Gordon’s uncategorisable music – the genre-slipping outcome of wildly diverse influences – has seen the Ayrshire-born artist snapped up by Glasgow’s legendary Optimo Music. In this live performance blending her music with her other work as a 3-D modeller, Gordon presents an impossible utopia, superimposing ever-changing architectures and interventions on images of the Ayrshire landscape. This is a place whose industrial history is long gone yet whose future remains up for grabs: a site for possibilities and wild dreams of different ways to be.