Musician Heft – aka Zwel Mun Wintmakes cosmic electronic music influenced as much by his genre films as by his peers in experimental and rave music: Annihilation meets Aphex Twin. In this debut UK appearance, Heft will perform music from Mensch, the final instalment in a trilogy of albums exploring notions of growth and the maturing self, as well as some brand-new tracks. These are songs of acceptance and recovery, moving in both emotional and physical terms. Visuals come from VJ Georgina Penstkart, whose beautiful analogue symmetries match the warmth of Heft’s music.

Supported by the British Council’s Connections Through Culture, UK-East Asia Grants. Developed at Cove Park.

A shared interest in modern classical music and electronica brought No Compliments and Bec Plexus together to form No Plexus. Their collaborative songs themed around transformations, uncertainties and the gleeful skewering of millennial wannabesevolve from a cappella melodies and warm burbles of synthesisers into dense warped epics that delight in pop music and its deconstruction. Through a haze of smoke, lights flicker and flare in acid colours, silhouetting the pair in an infernal take on the Top of the Pops performance. 

Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the UK  and Performing Arts Fund NL. Developed at Cove Park.