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Yoga Fanzine // Raydale Dower

Raydale Dower’s new project Yoga Fanzine explores the sculptural potential of sound. Inspired by modernist and minimalist composers, from György Ligeti to Erik Satie, Dower seeks to bring an audience’s focus onto singular sonic elements – notes played live on clarinet and their processed counterpart – whose slow modulations, through time-stretching into drone sound or incremental shifts and changes in both the notes and the breaths between, reward our concentration. Dower currently creates work under the alias Yoga Fanzine, a name that refers both to the contemplative nature of yoga as a moving meditation, and to the anything-goes bricolage of the fanzine form, which brings together disparate genres and techniques. Dower’s live performance transforms these influences into their sonic equivalents, enthralling and innovative, rewarding and provoking.


Eyve // Eyve / Veronica Petukhov

Glasgow-based Zimbabwean singer and rapper Eyve presents her newest songs in this exclusive live performance. In her glorious mixing of rap, R&B and hip-hop with influences from Zimbabwe – and singing in both English and Shona – Eyve draws inspiration from female power and the rising prominence of women of colour in society. Her 2022 single ‘The Status Quo’ received BBC airplay, and her new material includes songs written on guitar for the first time, as Eyve continues to challenge herself and, like her inspirations and idols, push herself to explore new areas of performance.

Live visuals come from VJ Veronica Petukhov, responding live to Eyve’s performance with hypnotic patterns that build into immersive imaginary worlds glitching between the realistic and the abstract.

Hard Times – Rough Sounds! // Moritz Simon Geist / Dominic Kiessling

Moritz Simon Geist makes dance music with robots. Starting with a simple refrain tapped out on a keyboard, Geist gradually adds elements controlled through gizmos and hand-made devices to build up to thrilling techno crescendos. A dot matrix printer screeches and chunters, metal rods chime against variously full glasses of water, pellets rattle through vacuum flasks, and metal fingers pluck rhythmically at guitar strings. Replacing the familiar, pre-programmed tools of techno musicians with his array of charmingly clunky robotic devices performing paradoxically precise gestures, Geist produces music that flesh and blood can’t help but respond to.

For this performance, Geist works with visual artist Dominic Kiessling, whose projections will draw upon the uniquely physical, homespun nature of the musical devices used in the performance, combining the rhythmic and the rough-hewn.

Kindly supported by the Goethe Institut, Glasgow.