NEKO3 is a wonderful ensemble that shines light (and sound) on a special area of the contemporary music scene where sound, images, and performance blend together’Politiken (Denmark)

The growing transhumanist movement anticipates a future in which the division between man and machine dissolves – a quantum leap in the history of our species, in which eternal life and transferable consciousnesses aren’t science-fiction concepts but existent fact. This vision of a cyborg future prompts strong reactions, both positive and negative, as music ensemble NEKO3 and multimedia composer Alexander Schubert explore in this pop concert of the future, featuring ambiguously humanoid figures performing a song cycle of love, loss and existence.

Angel Death Traps was commissioned and produced by NEKO3 thanks to the generous support of: Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, Statens Kunstfond and KODA.

Supported by Art Music Denmark.

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