On her new album All Above, Grand River – aka musician Aimée Portioli – investigates the known and unknown forces that guide our lives. The piano is a constant element in these pieces, sometimes loud and clear, sometimes subsumed beneath layers of voice, guitar and synthesiser. In this immersive live performance of All Above, long-time collaborator Marco Ciceri uses lighting, video projections and practical effects to alternately veil and reveal Portioli as her music moves from the clear and chiming to gauzy, woozy abstraction.

Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in the UK and Italian Cultural Institute, Edinburgh.

Gazelle Twin is Elizabeth Bernholz – composer, producer, singer and artist. In her previous work she has adopted a masked persona and made music about the dark underbelly of Britishness – its weird folklore, its dark cities – but her fourth album Black Dog marks a shift. Revealing herself both literally and through her music, Gazelle Twin here investigates her own inner weather. From recurring dreams to childhood fears and memories, she transforms personal experiences into songs that will resonate with her audience in this intense live performance.