Image of Sonica 2013 Door


Door [Scottish Premiere]


For Sonica, American-born composer George Higgs brings his musical door to Glasgow. Two musicians push the Door through Tramway, stopping periodically to perform their musical composition. The Door is a barrier – yet paradoxically – the musicians communicate musically from cello to bells, gongs to slit drums and cymbals. Listen… at the door.

Door premiered at Cork Midsummer Festival in 2012, and has since been performed around Ireland and the United States.

George Higgs is an American composer based in Ireland whose work comprises opera, chamber work, experimental electronics and music for instruments of his own making. Recent ‘Higgstruments’ include The Jimmy Rig Slip Jig – where performers assemble an instrument in the act of playing it – The Joculator – a human powered electro acoustic vehicle which George pedals around while composing music and DOOR – a musical door which two musicians trundle through a city.

He is currently work-shopping a new electro-mechanical opera and a two-storey instrument for deaf musicians. His true masterpiece, however, is the Kahoogaphone, an instrument especially designed not to make a sound. He holds a Masters in music technology from Trinity College Dublin and is represented by CMC Ireland.

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