An intimate, miniature, multi-media anti-opera in a desk, which tells the sensual story of an imagined friendship between ill-fated opera heroines, on a tiny stage with no singers.

Remember Me
creates a fragile and personal operatic world, where a small audience are invited to fully immerse themselves in a playful, pocket sized performance. Inspired by Dido and Aeneas and Orfeo and Eurydice, the work re-imagines the dramatic extravagance of the large-scale operatic production.

“an exquisitely beautiful, fragile work”
The Scotsman

SPOR 2013 Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

11 May 2013

New Directions, Lulea, Sweden

31 May & 1 June 2013

A Cryptic production by Claudia Molitor for Sonica, co-commissioned by hcmf//, supported by the PRS for Music Foundation and RVW Trust.

“A playful paradise of science-fiction style hi-tech wizardry in an adventure playground where big-time sensuality is accelerated to the max”
MAP Magazine

Combining music and mechanical choreography to spectacular effect, Ecstatic Arc is seductive in its raw beauty. The theatrical installation is based on a dystopian future of masks and sculptures, created using found objects, recording devises and a caged tesla coil.

Ecstatic Arc was commissioned by Cryptic for Sonica 2012 and sold out. Sonic arts for the visually minded: Sonica is a programme of events that presents emerging British talent alongside exceptional international artists.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
2-25 August
Summerhall, Edinburgh


Based on Werner’s film Oculista, in which a lone traveller meets a beautiful mysterious girl at a train station, this atmospheric installation takes you on an illusion-fuelled journey to darkly poetic places. Take a peek into a miniature steam-punk, peep show world with this curiously vaudevillian sonic experience, featuring music by Graeme Miller.

Tales of Magical Realism was commissioned by Cryptic for Sonica 2012 and sold out. Sonic art for the visually minded: Sonica is a programme of events that presents emerging British talent alongside exceptional international artists.

“A rare chance to completely immerse yourself in art”
BBC News Scotland

Kathy Hinde’s music merges machinery and natural stimuli to create stunning sound and visual aesthetics. Her music and visual art grows from a partnership between nature and technology. Tipping Point invites us to consider our relationship with water, and the necessity of balancing how we use the world’s water resources.

Tipping Point explores the sonic complexities and possibilities of combining glass vessels with shifting water levels. Sound tones are produced live via a microphone that feeds back inside each glass vessel. As the water levels change, the feedback is tuned to different pitches based on the resonant frequency of the remaining space in each glass vessel. The work forms both a sound sculpture and the basis of a live performance.

A Cryptic commission for Sonica, Tipping Point is a collaboration with John Rowden at the Scientific Glass Workshop in the School of Physics at the University of Bristol with software designed by Matthew Olden.


In the summer of 2012, Mark Lyken worked alongside Marine Biologists & IOTA at the Cromarty Lighthouse Field Station in the Scottish Highlands to create The Terrestrial Sea, a responsive audio-visual installation that explored the parallels between the effects of sound and light on marine mammals and the human senses.

In this special Cryptic commission, Lyken revisits the Lighthouse with award wining filmmaker Emma Dove to complete his song cycle and create a new film for the debut live performance of The Terrestrial Sea Suite at Multiplicidade Festival in Brazil between 29 & 30 November.

The Terrestrial Sea is a Cryptic commission for Sonica.


The inside of an old upright piano, is recycled into a kinetic sound sculpture. Videos of birds are projected directly onto the piano to provide an ever-changing musical score. The movement of the birds trigger small machines to twitch and flutter on the piano strings. In this work, nature controls machines to create delicate music.

Robbie Thomson has been commissioned by Cryptic for 2015 to create The New Alps, a monumental immersive sculptural work.

For The New Alps, Thomson, whose work focuses on themes investigating the interplay of technology with human situations and the natural world, has created a visual-kinetic, immersive installation of mechanical sculptures that imagines a disorienting futuristic landscape populated by robotic inhabitants. The work is inspired by the monumental interventions humans have made on the planet in activities such as mining and damming – creating manufactured landscapes that exist out with geological time.

Through digital projections, The New Alps further explores the digital topography of our society, a virtual landscape of endless and often incomprehensible information.