Piano Migrations

The inside of an old upright piano, rescued from destruction, is transformed into a kinetic sound sculpture. Video projections move across its surface, triggering small machines to flutter and twitch emulating the movements of birds skittering across its surface. Piano Migrations was listed for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2014.

“absolutely mesmerizing.”  artsdesk.com



Drawings in pencil. Drawings in light. Traces of journeys, mappings, sketches, networks, rhythms… Two artists create live sketches, drawings and video projections and, using graphite sequencers, translate them into an ever-adaptable musical score of techno rhythms and electronic pulses. This hypnotic performance work transfixes the viewer, as they begin to lose track of where the drawings end and the music begins…


Created for the Sounds of Stockholm Festival 2010, commissioned by Stockholm’s Electronic Music Studio (EMS) and WELD experimental arts space.


Four cellists are shrouded in transparent columns. As they play, traces of light flit down the columns like grains of sand in an hour glass. The music and visuals become increasingly powerful, and the viewer becomes submerged, slowly losing their sense of time and space.

Created in collaboration with Italian video artist Luca Scarzella and performed by the Gaida Ensemble, Justė Janulytė’s Sandglasses is a three-dimensional, audio-visual exploration of the acoustic, visual and symbolic meaning of sand-timers.


A production by Gaida Festival Vilnius, supported by Réseau Varèse – European Network for the Creation and Promotion of New Music, with funds from the European Union’s “Culture” Programme. Supported by the Lithuanian Culture Fund.


It was said that the rooms in the Bluebeard legend mirrored the workings of man’s psyche and that the relentless quest by the female protagonist to enter these rooms, regardless of the consequences, represented women’s pursuit of truth.

In our production the conventions of classical theatre are shifted, transforming the male protagonist into a virtual circumstance. And the female protagonist, of the same virtual making, leads the audience through the several doorways enabling a sense of what is happening behind ‘closed doors’. The resultant atmosphere is that of experiencing the inside of the chambers whilst witnessing a fatal destiny.

In collaboration with ten musicians the score was written by improvising on our visual themes. Additionally a soundscape was created by Michael de Roo.

Collective 33 1/3 is a collaboration between artists Douwe Dijkstra, Jules van Hulst and Coen Huisman.  The collective create images, atmospheres and theatrical scenes to  develop multimedia environments. Their acclaimed production of Bluebeard premiered at Voi-Z Festival (Zwolle, Netherlands) in 2011 and recently enjoyed critical success at Operadagen 2012 (Rotterdam, Netherlands).


Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Our Contemporaries

Hundreds of giant, skeletal, kinetic ‘fingers’ surround you, determinedly tapping on individual desks. As the ‘fingers’ grow more impatient, the sense of tension builds, climaxing in a mind-blowing cacophony of sound. Korean artist Mookyoung Shin has created Our Contemporaries in response to a growing sense of the repetitive nature of everyday life. This eerie and disquieting piece poses metaphysical questions about the dreams and ideals of individuals, living increasingly constrained and monotonous lives in a modern society.

Tales of Magical Realism: Part 2

A mysterious door presents itself; should you open it? You look through the peephole… Suddenly, you find yourself sitting in an old train carriage, rattling through the night.

Following the sell-out success of Tales of Magical Realism – Part 1 at Cryptic Nights last year, Sven Werner once again invites you to embark on an illusion fuelled journey to darkly poetic places.

Based on his feature film Oculista, in which a lone traveller meets a beautiful, mysterious girl at a train station, this intensely atmospheric installation, allows audiences to truly experience Sven’s steampunk style film ‘from within’. Take a peek into Sven’s miniature, peep-show world with this curiously vaudevillian sonic experience, featuring live music by Graeme Miller.

“…a rare chance to completely immerse yourself in art.” BBC News Scotland


Commissioned by Cryptic Nights and supported by The Luxembourg Ministry for Culture, The Craignish Trust and The Hugh Fraser Foundation.

Remember Me

“Imagine you open your desk one day and a whole new world opens in front of you…”
Claudia Molitor

Staged in the evocative surroundings of Scotland Street School Museum, Remember Me, is an intimate, miniature, multi-media opera, in a desk!

Inspired by an antique which the composer inherited from her grandmother, Remember Me tells the story of an imagined friendship between ill fated opera heroines, Dido and
Eurydice, on a tiny stage, with no singers.

Complete with film, orchestral pit visit, interval refreshments and live performance by Molitor, this playful and imaginative opera questions whether big really is better.

“…an exquisitely beautiful, fragile work”
“…captivating and deliciously bewildering in equal measure”

Remember Me from Sound Festival, The Scotsman 

Concept, Composer, Text and Performer – Claudia Molitor

Co-Director – Dan Ayling
Set Designer – James Johnson
Production Manager and Operator – Jack McConchie


A Cryptic production by Claudia Molitor for Sonica, co-commissioned by hcmf//, supported by the PRS for Music Foundation and RVW Trust.


Picture Window location

12-16 South Fredrick St,
Glasgow, G1 1HJ
Subway: 10 minute walk from Buchanan St
Train: 5 minute walk from Queen St Station