Sonia Killmann is a Glasgow-based international composer and multi-media artist. As a saxophone player, electronic musician, and audiovisual artist, they have performed across the UK and Europe and was nominated for best electronic 2022 in the Scottish Alternative Music Awards.

In addition, Sonia is also currently working closely with Cryptic Glasgow as a Cryptic Artist. Her works explore the relationship between sound and environment through audiovisual soundscapes. Sonia also worked with dancers such as Constant Vigier, with whom they worked on One Dance UK and BBC Dance Passion 2022 with, and created the Fringe Show “Bamboozled” (August 2022). They also created the electronic soundtrack to Jamiel Laurence’s most recent ballet “Read Only Memory”, which premiered in Newport in 2022.

Sonia also teaches electronic music techniques and live visual coding with the aim to make electronic and audiovisual music more accessible.