SHHE is a Scottish-Portuguese sound artist, musician and producer based in Dundee. Her multidisciplinary work explores themes of identity and connection at the intersection of sound / space, environment / ecology, and research / performance.

Sound works, performances and installations have been presented at V&A Dundee co-commissioned by MSCTY Tokyo, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Edinburgh Festival, Cryptic Nights (Scotland), HANGAR (Portugal), Rawabet/Jesuit Cultural Centre (Egypt), Tankur/Westfjords Residency (Iceland), ErbilCitadel (Iraq-Kurdistan), BFI, British Council and Sensoria’s FAMLAB (digital).

Her eponymous debut album SHHE was released by One Little Independent Records and shortlisted for Scottish Album of the Year 2020.

SHHE joined Cryptic as a Cryptic Artist in 2023 and is an alumnus of Julie’s Bicycle Creative Climate Leadership UK programme.