Shadwa Ali is an independent Egyptian audio-visual artist.

Starting her career as a linocut printmaker in 2010, Ali has nurtured an eclectic approach to video, installation and new media work, integrating both analog and digital making practices.

Relying heavily on noise and its propagations within the context of her native Cairo, Shadwa’s work investigates societal impacts through the chaotic lens of urban placemaking. 

Her audio work has been featured in Alternate African Reality at Syrphe (2020), Quarantined at Goethe-Institut, Alexandria (2020). She has presented her audio-visual work at many exhibitions, including Technocrats at Art d’Egypt (2021), Cairotronica (2018), Roznama 5 at Medrar (2016), Interruption at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo (2014), and Agenda at Bibliotheca Alexandrina.