SCHNITT is a collaboration of German experimental musician.

Amelie Duchow and Italian media artist Marco Monfardini. The duo works at the intersection between music, art and technology, with a strong focus on the cohesiveness linking audio and video. Custom-made, innovative software and electronic devices allow SCHNITT to develop complex A/V installations and site-specific live performances adapted to various exhibition venues. Their use of abstract media elements, combined with their respective perceptions toward technology, creates an equilibrium between their work’s form and concept.

The Italian media artist Gianluca Sibaldi, has spent the past several decades composing scores for film and television, producing albums and crafting sound artifacts and multimedia performances for events and installations. Furthermore, he has been exploring creative uses of computers and software since the early days of mass market computing. Sibaldi develops applications for real-time interaction between gesture, sound and image in the context of multimedia dance-theater performances, modern art installations and autonomous interactive exhibitions for various venues. He also owns Stage Studio, the recording studio he founded in his hometown.