Cally Statham, better known as the stage name plus44Kaligula is an English songwriter, electronic music producer, composer and performance artist from Oldham, UK.

With influences such as David Bowie, Beth Gibbons and Aphex Twin informing her song craft and performances, Statham’s sound is one of dark, dramatic impulses and strange, compelling juxtapositions – bold vocals reigning over collagist productions of liquid textures that beckon a host of seraphim to song.

A deep theatrical sensibility is felt in plus44Kaligula’s music, albeit grounded in the very real, earnest quality of her call. With set design by Emmanuel Biard (Evian Christ, Trance Party, Moon Duo, Aisha Devi), plus44Kaligula’s performances interlock spectral, experimental pop with immediate and studied physicality of movement and voice – making for a true wonder of sound and vision.