No Plexus is an electronic duo comprising of vocalist/composer Bec Plexus and producer No Compliments. Their music and performances can be described as genre-queer: guided only by their creative intuitions, they take influences from many genres whilst belonging to none.

Their concept-driven approach to music is the result of the artists’ background in contemporary classical music merging with a shared passion for pop and electronica. Spiritual kins to SOPHIE, Arca, Björk and other artistic pioneers, No Plexus’s music drips with an insatiable desire for experiment and multiplicity.

As Rewire’s Young Artist in Residence for 2023 and 2024, the Amsterdam based duo have been building a solid reputation internationally, performing at Electropark Festival (Genoa), A L’ARME! Festival (Berlin), Carte Blanche to Rewire (Nantes), ISEA 2024 (Queensland), and O. (Rotterdam).