Described as a “musical polymath” by Clash Magazine, NikNak is a multi-disciplinary artist and music creative with many roles in the industry.

NikNak holds an impressive repertoire of experimental albums & EPs, and remixes that have captivated audiences worldwide. With her enthralling self-released debut album Bashi earning rave reviews, NikNak has also made history as the first Black Turntablist to win the prestigious Oram Award in 2020.

With releases on Kynant Records, First Terrace Records, Inventing Waves, OTONO, Come Play With Me and more, this multifaceted virtuoso skilfully traverses various music genres, crafting experimental masterpieces and performing immersive live concerts that showcase the vibrancy of her unique sound. With an exuberant, passionate, and comic book-nerd persona, NikNak emerges as a truly dynamic performer, composer, sound designer and sound artist.

Recently, NikNak completed a commissioned residency with the Richard Thomas Foundation at Stone Nest in London and collaborated with 4DSound & Monom Studios in Amsterdam, further accentuating her growing expertise in immersive and spatial turntablism.

Her latest studio album Ireti, is an exploration of Afrofuturism, humanity, and technology released on Herbert’s label Accidental Records.