Marie Delprat is a musician, composer and performer based in Switzerland. She develop hybrid projects influenced by diverse musical universes such as early music, experimental music, EDM, ambient, techno & minimal music. Beyond her appreciation for varied aesthetics and musical approaches, she am intrigued by the interplay of echoes among sounds, movements, and visual arts. She engages in live performances, while also producing, singing, and composing music, both for her own projects and for others.

She regularly performs at the Dampfzentrale Bern, at the Musik Festival Bern and at the Gare du Nord Basel. She has performed in various productions at the intersection of performance, opera, and sound installations, among others The Navidson Records by the collective The Navidsons (premiere: Munich Biennale 2016), and Das Glashaus von Hans Wüthrich (Uraufführung 2018: Achtbrücken Köln).

In December 2020 she was awarded the Coup de Coeur prize of the Canton of Bern for her first own creation, Rage(s), which was premiered in February 2020. Since 2021 she is part of the professionals exchange programme of the O.Festival Rotterdam.