Konx-Om-Pax (moniker for Tom Scholefield) is a multimedia artist working with sound and visuals based in Glasgow. Since 2010, he has been releasing music through his own studio and label Display Copy. He has released three EPs, namely Light in Extension (2012), Refresher EP (2019), Return to Cascade EP (2020), as well as three albums, Regional Surrealism, Caramel (2016) which was short-listed for Scottish Album of the year 2017, and Ways of Seeing (2019).

Scholefield’s visuals have informed many artists over the years, be they as cover art for Oneohtrix Point Never and Rustie, videos for Mogwai and Hudson Mohawke, or as part of Lone’s live show.

From his early days at the legendary Club 69 in Paisley to his meteoric Berlin years, Knox-Om-Pax has surfaced as one of Glasgow’s leading multimedia artists and producers today – stretching sound and image to pure luminosity.