Emily Brooks Millar is a visual artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, whose work primarily focuses on morality. A dark sense of humour and satire are present throughout her work, where an illustrative style sheds light on complex topics. Through paint and animation, her pieces are underpinned by her background in Oral History. As winner of the Neil Rafeek Prize (2022), she translates extensive interviewee discussions into creations for mass audiences. Alongside this, she is heavily inspired by current internet culture, identity and user interaction. Projecting a voice for the voiceless is always her main objective.


Lew-C is a non-binary musician and video artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, who’s work centres around questions of identity, queer spirituality, and media criticism. With a background in Milm composition and musicology, Lew’s work explores these complex philosophical ideas through a series of camp and theatrical music videos. Their artistic objectives are to challenge assumed norms, and to make frameworks for critical thinking more accessible to a non-academic audience.